Free Xbox codes are what every Xbox live gamer wants. I have explored the internet thick and thin for free Xbox codes, however, have not come across any. I know of code generators, but these would not work simply wanted my Xbox live information or had a virus attached to it.

So I  thought, are there any legal ways out there where you can get  codes? And I also found one site that answers that with very much yes!  This website did very well for me and that I have gotten many free Xbox codes and today have Xbox Live for 12 Months and around  4000 Free Microsoft Points.

How Can This Work And Is This Legal?

Whenever you obtain a Xbox live card, you merely enter the code, and Microsoft credits you with all the points right? Well, in case you continue with the directions below you will find there’s site that can EMAIL these codes for you! This website, called Points2Shop, buys the codes from  Microsoft and they get money with the sponsors who advertise on the site. So yes, this can be 100% legit and legal.

Am I allowed to see some proof that this works?

Sure,  try looking in the sidebar to the correct, you will see images of those unfortunate prizes that this rewards site has delivered over the ages.  Lots of people every day are employing this rewards site to acquire Free Xbox Live membership or to get Free Microsoft Points codes.

Step 1: Registration

Click RIGHT HERE and will also be taken up the website to get started on your Xbox  gift cards process. Go through the green button on websites and submit your desired username, password, and email to your  Xbox Live redeem Codes. You ought to give them your real email address contact information as this is where they will email your Xbox Live Gold!

They won’t spam your email. Make sure you check your email once you have registered on the website. Its important because if you desire the  Codes emailed to you, they desire your valid email.Confirm your email. This step is very critical because if you may not do this step you’ll not get a Free Xbox Live Gold membership.

Step 2: Complete Simple And Fast Surveys To Obtain  Xbox  gift card Codes

Now that you’ve got signed up to your website and confirmed your email, now you are willing to get a free Xbox Live codes by completing some surveys.

Step 3: Redeem Your Free Xbox Codes!

The thing left to complete have got earned points would be to redeem to your prizes! In like manner get a codes, simply seek out prizes beneath the “Spend Points” tab on the prize site to discover the prizes you desire. When you have found the things you want, simply make redeem it along with the  redeem codes or another prize is going to be emailed to you personally or mailed directly to your door!Here is what people search for on this site: