Little by little, Clash Royale is becoming one of the most downloaded applications in the territory of smartphones, but besides being the most downloaded applications, it is one of the most played games in the last year, being able to overcome novelties such as Pokémon Go or Super Mario Run. But not all games are perfect, so for this, we will bring you the biggest cheats of Clash Royale that have been found on the Net all players.

Clash Royale has grown a lot in the past year and will continue to grow. With a large list of updates in the game in recent months, Supercell gets none of its users bored and remains just as hooked to the game from the first day. Games like this do not end last as they begin to be monotonous as well as boring to always be the same. Clash Royale knew this and therefore has acted every month with an update.

The biggest bugs of Clash Royale

Today we are going to bring you a list of the most famous Clash Royale bugs that we could find on the Internet. All these Clash Royale bugs have been suffered by some users, so if you have been one of them, you may feel identified at the end of the post:

Kings, looking to the opposite side: It happens many times that, when starting the game, we find that the king is turned around, as well as activated the tower of the king. It is a very common bug in Clash Royale and is being corrected. One of the bugs of Clash Royale that takes more time.
The battle ram is pushing troops. It would not be the first time one card pushes another in the game, but that of the battering ram goes further. The battering ram can command a troop that is at the point to its own tower by pushing it. It is a bug that we could find in the last update.
Sparks are shooting without recharging. When Chispitas is charged and will shoot, but a new troop leaves and changes target at the last moment, the card shoots, but does not compute that shot at the last moment and is loaded again.
A troop on the bridge can move to the other field. If we put a card at the edge of the river, in case we throw a log or take another large troop, this can go on the other field for a bug.

The bug of the prince.

When we have a tower pulled, if we put a prince on the opposite side, and the opponent puts letters on the other side, we see that the prince makes a move to go through the cards on the other side backing and advancing to the height of the tower Archer, remaining stagnant until the other troops do not die. One of the best known Clash Royale Hack.
These have been the most famous Clash Royale bugs since they have been the most reported by the entire Reddit community. Clash Royale is aware of many of them, and we hope that little by little they will all be corrected.

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