I would like to present to you the most well known PSN Code Generator on the Web. It has been tested and rated with a 99% positive rating by several hack forums. The PlayStation Store Code Generator has a user base of over 16,000 people with a total of  1.3 million codes generated to do this day!


This Generator is the leading tool in its area. Why do I say it’s the best? Well because it was developed by Ex-Sony Employees! They wanted to take revenge on Sony, so they developed this tool using their extensive knowledge on the PSN Activation Servers.
The way the code generator works is that it hacks the PSN code activation servers, this is where Sony generates their codes. The program finds a loophole and takes codes from this server and returning it to the user. The best part about this is that Sony doesn’t even know it’s happening!

Is it Safe?

The Developer’s top priority is anonymity and security. This tool uses a private proxy to generate free PSN codes for the users. This means that all users are 100% untraceable. With various other safety features implemented into this program, the PlayStation Network code generator is also known as the safest code generator circulating the web. It has also been approved by several third-party software developers.

What Countries does it work in?

As of June 2017, it supports all countries that allow connections to the PlayStation Network, in other words, if you can connect to the PlayStation Network then it will work for you! How many PSN Codes can I generate?
You can generate as many codes as you want! The PSN generator has over 10 thousand codes stored on our servers.

I have a problem, where can I get help?

We have a support team dedicated to helping you fix your problems. Unfortunately, we can give you the email here due to bots spamming the email. The email will be included in the download link.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download The File Below
  2. Open the “READ_ ME_FIRST.txt” file.
  3. Follow it’s simple instructions
  4. Voila! You now have access to unlimited PSN Codes.